Akrid Egg Battle is a two-team based mode where each teams tries to bring their Akrid Egg to a set delivery point. Depending on the map, locations of the Egg and the delivery point can be very different.


Players are usually divided into 2 types, Escorts and Interceptors, and of course the Egg Carrier which belong to the Escort type.


They follow the Egg Carrier, and protect him from incoming threats. If the Egg Carrier dies, an Escort takes over the job.


Their goal is to prevent the opposing team from bring their Egg to their delivery point.

Egg Carriers

They goal is to bring their Egg to set delivery point. They can lay down the Egg in order to fight if necessary.


If only custom Weapons are allowed

If custom Weapons are allowed

  • Depending on the map, Warp Grenades makes very useful shortcuts (both for Escorts and Interceptors) or quick escapes.
  • Using blue shots of the Injection Gun on the Egg Carrier ables him to run through while being immune to blowback.

If both custom Weapons and Abilities are allowed

  • With Head Start (Plasma) and Teleport Grenades, some strategy and the right Emotes to communicate, trips between the Egg spawning point and the delivery point can be greatly shortened.

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