Lost Planet 2: Anchor

The anchor is always at hand and can be used to reach higher areas, or can be used to lach on the akrid or stun foes. On most multi-player matches it is an invaulable tool. It can also be used to grab T-ENG or [?] boxes. If you fall off a ledge it will (sometimes) grapple on automatically and allows you to rappel.

Tips & Trivia

  • Although very small, it can hold a large amount of weight (you and your power armor, namely), and never breaks.
  • It also pierces walls.
  • It is basically a grappling hook.
  • You can use the anchor to latch on to some Akrid weak points and fire a full magazine, or until the target is dead (rapid fire only)
  • It can also be used as a medium range melee attack. However, it only deals light damage to enemies and provides light knockback.
  • You can earn GJ Awawrds for attacking with the anchor.

Mastering the Anchor 

Please Note: 'Square' and 'L3' is for the PS3 while 'X' and 'LS click' is for the XBOX.
  • Climb: Press Square / X
  • Leap: Press Square / X, then press Square / X again while reeling
  • Cling: Press and hold Square / X 
  • Anchor and Gun: Press and hold Square / X, and fire
  • Anchor Grenade: Press and hold Square / X, then throw grenade
  • Rapel: Press and hold Square / X, then tap L3 / LS click
  • Auto-Rapel: Run off a surface toward the ground
  • Turret Rapel: Rapel in any way and fire / throw a grenade

It's very effective to kill Dongo Akrid with the Anchor and Gun technique. With gum grenades, even the Chryatis Akrid is easier to take down with Anchor and Grenade. 

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