(Please note that the name "Automatic Gun Battery Weapon" is not an official name but one which I have given. I have done this because the weapon in question is given no name in the Lost Planet series).


The "Automatic Gun Battery Weapon" is a quite common weapon always found in pairs, hard mounted (cannot be removed and used on foot) onto gun batteries. The "Automatic Gun Battery Weapon" has infinite ammo and infinite clip, meaning that the "turret gun" never has to be re-loaded (a trait shared with some other weapons including the auxiliary weapon).

The "Automatic Gun Battery Weapon" alternates between the two guns (as they always come in pairs) no matter which firing button (left or right) you press.

The projectile fired by the "Automatic Gun Battery Weapon" is bullet like and medium-small and does (more or less) medium damage.

Notably, "Automatic Gun Battery Weapon" emplacements are very common, even seen in the cinematics of Episode 2-3.


  • The "Automatic Gun Battery Weapon" is similar to some existent Anti-Aircraft weapons.
  • Strangely enough when approached, so that if it was, for example, a VS shotgun you could detach it, non of the usual text appears (something like "this weapon cannot be removed and used on foot") when trying to take off a hard mounted weapon. This only happens to one other VS weapon, the auxiliary weapon. This suggests that maybe the "Automatic Gun Battery Weapon" is actually a form of the auxiliary weapon. This theory is supported by the fact the small picture/symbol (in the bottom right of the screen next to the ammo indicator) for the "Automatic Gun Battery Weapon" looks remarkably similar to the symbol for some auxiliary weapons. Not forgetting another similarity in that the auxiliary weapon and the "turret gun" are the only non-T-ENG consuming, infinite clip, infinite ammo weapons.

Authors note

Please could someone put a picture/screenshot of a "Automatic Gun Battery Weapon" onto this page. Notable emplacements include emplacements in certain layouts of The Dual Complex map, the Great Outdoors map and the Desecration map (among others presumably). I have seen them in campaign mode as well, particularly on the area of episode 5 where you fight another Overland Battleship (they appear on your ship on the top deck near the giant laser cannon thing). Also could someone who knows how to make the table found on the weapons pages please create one here. Thanks.

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