Lost Planet Bandero


Bandero is Commander Isenberg's second-in-command, and is an elite NEVEC VS ace. He comes across as sadistic and ruthless, believing himself to be the ultimate soldier. When he discovers that his Harmonizer is just a prototype for Wayne's, he becomes infuriated and is set on eliminating him.

Thirty years before the story's events, Bandero leads a NEVEC team to the lair of the Green Eye with the objective of eliminating Wayne's father, Gale. Bandero cruelly murdered Gale by NEVEC troopers, requesting Gale to "try to have some dignity in death". Another thirty years later, Wayne learns of Bandero's role in Gale's death and attempts to kill him, but Bandero defeats Wayne and salvages Gale's VS (after severely damaging it). Later, Bandero has the VS modified, but is frustrated by the fact that he cannot unlock its full capabilities. Eventually, Bandero faces off again against Wayne, but this time Wayne defeats him. As his last act, Bandero tries to shoot Wayne with a pistol, but dies before he can pull the trigger.

Like Wayne and Basil, Bandero uses a Harmonizer which keeps him youthful despite his advanced age, though his model is not as advanced as Wayne's. Also he possesses a Handgun just like Basil.

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