The Battle Neegal is a Neegal that has been subjugated by NEVEC and modified into an Akrid-VS hybrid. Along with its VS weaponry, it can use its tail to perform powerful melee attacks that can hit enemies beside and behind it as well as the foes in front. It has a gliding ability that functions like a hover with a long time, but incredibly slow move speed. This maneuver also leaves its weak underside exposed to attack from below. The other weak spot on its tail is protected with a layer of armor that must be destroyed for attacks to have any effect on it.

The Battle Neegal only appears in the multiplayer on the map Thunderpeal Precipice in layouts 3 and 4.

Vital Suits
Playable (LP 1)
GTT-01 - GTF-11 - GTB-22 - GTF-13M - GTF-13F - GTN-A01 - PTX-140 - PTX-40A - L-P-9999 - GAB-25M - GAN-34 - GAN-37
Playable (LP 2)
Battle Armor - GAH-42BS - GAN-3AM - GAH-41BSL - GAN-36 - GAF-14 - GAF-15D - GAN-34W - PTX-140R - GTN-A01N - Dongo Gear - Battle Neegal - Tencale 8 - Railway Gun - Turret Gun - Overland Battleship
GAN-A04SD - GTN-A03M/C - GAB-25DM - PTX-40A-2 - DBS-000XM - Vital Fortress