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Whatever touches the shockwave is instantly killed.

The Big Destruction Missile is a large system that takes up both weapon slots. This system also has a VS Gatling Gun on the left arm's radar system (which features a faster reload and better accuracy). The system's main function is, when activated, to fire a Big Destruction Missile into the air which eventually crashes down to the ground, releasing a gigantic explosion which will instantly kill all players and VSs on the map, including the person who fired it. The explosion covers the entire map, larger than the animation seems to suggest, making it impossible to avoid. It also deactivates all Data Posts, regardless of which team is in control of them. The weapon appears to operate on some form of stasis effect: it does not immediately kill victims, even at ground zero. It can only be fired once per match. Even if the VS which has the Big Destruction Missile respawns after firing the missile, it will not have any ammo and will be entirely dependent on its Gatling Gun for protection.

It can be found in the multiplayer maps Dual Complex, Desecration, The Great Outdoors, Back to the Island (Map Pack 1), and Frozen Wasteland (Map Pack 2) on Layout 4, hidden in a VS storage crate which opens once 15,000 units of T-ENG have been provided. It can also be found on Thunderpeal Precipice Layout Type 1, underneath a bridge (it is not in a T-ENG box and is ready to be used by whoever finds it).

This secret weapon is also known as the Mass Destruction Missile or Destruction missile and informally as a "Nuke".

Like the Gravity Gun and most examples of the Dual Shoulder Multi-Warhead Missile, it will be mounted on a GTF-11.

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