The Buster Grenade is a Hand Grenade type that glows pink with the shape of a small underwater mine. It cannot be detonated by shooting it, but it creates a massive explosion that deals very heavy damage to those caught in it. When thrown, the grenade has a short charge up period where it makes a distinct sound before detonation.

Color - Pink

How To Acquire:

  • Slot Machine
  • "?" Box


  • Each pickup gives three grenades at default to the user, so whenever a large group of Akrid, VS's, or human enemies are spotted, throw multiple Buster Grenades in different locations so that the explosions can overlap each other. When the smoke clears, the chance of anything surviving is very small and a quick cleanup is always easy. This technique works in multiplayer as well, especially with others who can pitch in, but take care not to blow yourself or your allies up.
  • Despite the popular belief that the Buster Grenade is the highest damage dealing grenade, it is only the second strongest grenade in game. The strongest grenade is the Spark Grenade, although the diameter of the electric wave is too small to think it causes the most damage.
  • Because its detonation is easy to predict, a correctly timed roll is enough to survive its blast unscathed.