The Cafe is where you eat and drink various items. With each having a positive effect on missions. Only one effect can be taken from a chosen item, with the new item's effects replacing those of the last. The maximum amount of items a person can choose before starting a mission is three.

Store Menu

Name Food Effect Terms of Sale Price
Thermal Juice Thermal Energy Intake Rate Rises (Small to Large) Initial 50
Thermal Blended Coffee Points Earned Increase At Start Of Episode 3 50
Eight Tena Drink Thermal Energy Intake Rate Rises (Large), Attack Increase (Large), Life Increase (Large), Experience Points Increase (Large) Appears randomly, has a 30% chance to appear after a mission 200
Yuna's Handmade Fly Attack Increase (large) After Yuna's First Sub-mission 100
Yuna's Handmade Sand Thermal Energy Intake Rate Rises (Large), Thermal Energy MAX at Start

After Yuna's Second Sub-mission

Eight N-Burger Life Recovery Rate Rncrease (Large) Initial 50
Advance Burger Life Increase (Small), Battle Gauge stocks +1 Initial 150
Frontier Burger Experience Points Increase (Medium),  At Start of Episode 2 150
Tech Burger Attack Increase (Medium), Life Recovery Increase (Large) At Start of Episode 3 150
Yuna's Special Burger Life Increase (Medium to Large), Experience Points Increase (Medium to Large) After getting Yuna's friendship status to 'good' 200
Dumplings; King of Dumplings Thermal Energy Intake Rate Rises (Medium to Large), Attack Increase (Medium), Thermal Energy MAX at Start Secret Codes 200
Oronamin C Life Recovery Rate Increase (Medium to Large), Battle Gauge Stock +1 Secret Codes 110

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