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A wealthier faction of Snow Pirates that have established a city off the coast. Although they originally worked with NEVEC for a while, they were deemed a potential threat because their technology had grown more advanced than NEVEC was willing to tolerate. During the events of the game, it is implied that an attempt at revolution is being led by the inhabitants of their city's slums in order to overthrow the allegedly corrupt leaders of the city. They created the Railway Gun. Some of them may still work for NEVEC, as an Overland Battleship is seen under construction in one of their shipyards. In multiplayer, they are part of the Snow Pirate Elites faction. Based on their accents and their apparent purpose it appears that the carpetbaggers emulate China.

Propaganda speeches

During Episode 2, Chapter 1, Area 1 and 2, propaganda speeches can be heard:

  • "It is time to throw off the yoke of oppression. The oppressors will be punished! We will burn them from the city, with fire of revolution!"
  • "We will no longer be exploited by the fool-walking[1] who look down on us from their ivory towers. Now, it is time to rise up. Now, it is time for revolution."
  • "They live in the middle of the city, far removed from our suffering. They treat us like slaves, but no more! Let us throw off the shackles of oppression, and take the entire city!"

If the alarms in Area 2 are set off, another message will replace previous speeches :

  • "Sensors detected movement. Dispatching reinforcements."


  • Carpetbaggers was an slang for people who lived in the North but later move to the south to take advantage of the social unstablity after the Civil War.
  • Judging by the writing on the walls of their city, and their suits, the Carpetbaggers seem to be predominantly of Chinese descent.

Known Carpetbaggers

Carpetbagger Traitor


  1. To be verified. The accent makes it quite difficult to figure out what is being said here for this particular word.