The Chameleon Grenade is thrown like a Gum Grenade, but it functions differently from other Lost Planet 2 grenades. Once thrown, the grenade will not detonate on its own. Instead, it will detonate once the Left Trigger is pressed again, effectively turning the grenade into a remote mine. The grenade has a built-in camera that allows its user to view the area the grenade is in remotely, allowing it to function as a tracking device as well as giving its user a better idea of when to set the grenade off. The grenade emits a transparent white light and easily blends in with its surroundings to easily hide, hence its name.

Color - White

How To Acquire:

  • Slot Machine
  • "?" Box


  • The remote possibilities can be used in many strategic ways both offline and online. Offline it can be used as a trap, highly effectively against Akrids. Online it can be dropped near high-value items or on unoccupied VS's and detonated once other players rush for the spoils.
  • While in camera view, you can still move your character normally, potentially getting you a better view than the game camera.
  • The camera view provides its own set of crosshairs and reload bars, this can be used by your character to fire on targets they may not otherwise be able to see.
  • this can be used to look around corners for awaiting enemies which is very effecive
  • When you die you respawn with the grenade in the same location where you last placed it, able to detonatet it at any time you want.

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