Early life

Nothing is known about Charles Braddock when he was born to when he led the first expedition to E.D.N III. All that is known about him, given to us by lost planet 3 is that he was a a high ranking official within NEVEC with his rank being General. At some point in his life he met Sarah and they later got married and ended up working with eachother at NEVEC.

After the discovery of E.D.N III during the Trial century, NEVEC tasks Charles Braddock to go and colonize the planet, not knowing about the hostile life forms that lived there.

First Colony

Initially, the planet was peaceful and calm so therefore they were able to live there and all they had to combat was the cold which they did. Braddock ordered the creation of homes and facilities near where they landed. Charles and Sarah had their child named Phil Braddock on the planet and all was well for a short time.

The fall of the First Colony

Soon, Humanity encountered a new Alien life-from. Known as the Akrid, they were immediately as a hostile presence. The first Colony has no means of defending themselves. Knowing that the Colony was lost, Charles took his wife and child to a ship and threatened a pilot to take off or risk being killed.

First Colony

Jim and Phil watching the fall of the first Colony by tape recording.

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The intro of lost planet 1 states that the first people to land had no means of defending themselves and were forced to leave E.D.N III but during Lost planet 3 when jim peyton learns about the first colony and finds the tape learning how they were overrun. It was learned that only 3 people made it off of E.D.N III: Charles Braddock, Sarah Braddock and Phil Braddock. And while watching the tapes, the first Colony had weapons to defend themselves they just had no experience fighting the Akrid as that moment was their first encounter.

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Return to Earth

The Braddock family returned to earth with the knowledge, save phil due to him being a baby, of what happened to the First Colony and both Charles and Sarah lied to Phil with Phil thinking that he was Born on earth but left Phil wondering what his shook his father so much to not talk about his expedition to E.D.N III which led Phil to join NEVEC and convince them so he he can lead the new expedition to E.D.N III under the conditions that Phil is not to reveal any information of the first Colony to any member of the Coronis and to silence those who are attempting to uncover it.

It is unknown what came of Charles Braddock. Only reasonable explanation is that he died on earth either due to regret and remorse or that he simply died of old age.

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