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The Coronis Diary is a transmission portal set up by Nevec to support diary logging for Coronis Base workers on E.D.N. III.


The Coronis Diary is a viral site made by capcom to log various events of Jim Peyton and his journey on E.D.N. III.

Stage 1

Leaving for E.D.N III

So here I am, on the way to 'Earth’s Savior' E.D.N III. They tell us to keep diaries and video logs, helps keep us sane. ‘They’ being NEVEC of course. Though I doubt a tapping away on a tablet is going to make me miss her and the little one any less...

Coronis Diary Leaving for E.D.N. III

Number 1 In, Well, Everything

Managed to get a hold of a NEVEC commercial they loop on certain parts of the base. Gives this journal a little more context I guess, explains why NEVEC's on E.D.N III. I'm not here for any life-changing energy missions though, I'm here to provide for my family. Simple as that.

Coronis Diary 2 25 Number 1 In Well Everything00:36

Coronis Diary 2 25 Number 1 In Well Everything

An Interesting Landing…

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t quite ready for this. Kovac says E.D.N III gets 48 million storms a year, and boy he was not exaggerating! We got hit by a beauty on the way down, almost threw us straight into the cliffs. Last thing I remember is Kovac screaming like a girl. Damn, we’re lucky to be alive. Better keep this little ‘incident’ from the Mrs...

Coronis Diary An Interesting Landing

Emperor Headache

So looks like I'm going to have to get used to these storms, and their confusing terminology. If it's an Emperor Class Storm heading my way, I know I need to get out of there for sure. A rig might have more plating than some tanks, but that won't stop it freezing solid.

Coronis Diary 4 25 Emperor Headache00:30

Coronis Diary 4 25 Emperor Headache

It's Expensive Spilling Akrid Blood

Well, I guess it's probably time I say something about T-Eng, or 'Thermal Energy' as the folks back on Earth call it. This stuff packs a hell of a lot of heat, quite literally. More powerful than anything we've got back home, so worth sending men away from their families I guess. That doesn't make it any easier to swallow, by the way.

Coronis Diary - It's expensive spilling akrid blood01:01

Coronis Diary - It's expensive spilling akrid blood

Stage 2

The E.D.N. III Gospel

The rig's packed full of sensors that let me know when things are going to go down. Storms, thermal pockets, 'inquisitive' wildlife. Problem is, on E.D.N III there's so much to be wary of that it's less 'hazard warning' and more like a constant hazard symphony.

Coronis Diary 6 25 The E D N III Gospel00:23

Coronis Diary 6 25 The E D N III Gospel

Gertie's Upgrades

My baby's back in one piece and slicker than ever, though I'm still not so happy Gale got his eager hands all over her. Still, I won't lie, that kid knows how to wire a rig.

Coronis Diary - Gertie's upgrades01:42

Coronis Diary - Gertie's upgrades

Hello From Earth

My first message from the little lady back home. The rig feels more like a piece of Earth now with the sweet sounds of Willie Nelson gracing the E.D.N III atmosphere!

Coronis Diary 8 25 Hello From Earth00:38

Coronis Diary 8 25 Hello From Earth

Enjoying The View

E.D.N III, in many ways, is cold version of hell. If you aren't getting battered by a gale force ice storm, then some damn akrid is trying a wear your spleen as a fancy hat. But every now and again, you see that perfect postcard moment that makes is almost worth while. Almost.

Coronis Diary Enjoying The View

Checking In With Gracie

I hope I get used to this recorded message stuff because it just feels awkward as hell. Gracie manages to make this look easy in comparison. I was never even great on the phone!

Audio File Needed.

Stage 3

Enviro Suit

Some of the places on E.D.N III might make nightmares look kid's shows, but this suit stops my blood freezing or boiling, plus keeps akrid teeth out (for the most part). I can't fault NEVEC here, they sure didn't scrimp with this one.

Audio File Needed.


I feel like I'm starting to make some buddies on the team here on E.D.N III. Sure everyone's frozen and miserable half the time, but everyone now and again we bring out the cards and I show them how a game of poker is really played, hold'em style!

Coronis Diary Team NEVEC

Out of Our Minds

Toothbrushes in the freezer, keys on the outside of the door. Sounds like Gracie is going a little out of her mind, which in a weird way is nice to know that she misses me not being around. Because I sure as hell miss her.

Coronis Diary - Out of our minds01:04

Coronis Diary - Out of our minds

Message to Gracie

Finding time to contact Gracie hasn't been a problem, what with the constant storms we have here. Feel like I while away plenty of hours waiting on a monarch or emperor storm to blow over.

Coronis Diary - Message to Gracie01:29

Coronis Diary - Message to Gracie

Stay Dry. Stay alive?

The NEVEC safety manual is big enough to crush a fire wasp, but we still get audio updates around Coronis base. Such as the importance of dry socks. Got to love overbearing mom-NEVEC...

Audio File Needed.

Stage 4

Feeling Cracked?

Something's a little off with the folks here. Mixture of the cold, loneliness and lack of a decent bottle of beer, I'd wager. I bumped into Dr Roman today, or the end of her shotgun at least. She's certainly got something on her mind. I'm trying to keep my eyes on the prize, I'm only here for credits for the family. But it's hard not to think something not quite right...

Strom Stream

Every time I've got my on-rig cam rolling, the storms seem to take an uncharacteristic break. Well today I finally caught one on cam while recording for the routine psych evaluation, with an akrid attack thrown in! When I get off this damn planet I could have a career in film yet!

Coronis Diary - Storm Stream00:41

Coronis Diary - Storm Stream

More Than a Simple Mining Rig

Well turns out Roman isn't so bad, just a little wary. She given me two pretty sweet upgrades for the rig at any rate, and I've got a winch upgrade coming soon too. Looks like Gertie's going to have plenty of' shiny new parts to show off about!

Keeping Secrets From the Wife

Grand adventure indeed, hah! I guess I've not been telling Gracie too much about what I'm doing on E.D.N III because I don't want her worrying. I mean, we thought it was simple mining, just in ice. If she knew about all the storms and all the damn akrid, jeez.

Audio File Needed.

Don't Eat the Snow

Well that advice isn't anything I haven't already heard on Earth, but it turns out yellow snow isn't the only type off the menu on E.D.N III, unless you fancy picking up some fancy, alien disease and sprouting another 50 limbs...

Audio File Needed.

Stage 5

It Isn't 'The Ritz.' But It's Not Bad Either

Sure I can't go throwing any parties or kick back and watch the game in any kind of comfort. But hell, it gets the job done and the five inches of steel plating protecting me from what's lurking out there isn't so bad either.

Coronis Diary - It isn't 'The Ritz01:00

Coronis Diary - It isn't 'The Ritz.' But it's not bad either

Snow Silhouettes

Maybe I'm going the same way as some of the folks out here, but I swear sometimes these snow storms look more like storm silhouettes. Like I'm being watched by more than just Akrid. Probably just in my head.

Outside the Circle of Trust

There's no way any human can survive long once the temperature drops without the umbilical field. This little device pushes extra juice into your suit to give you heat and your tactical read-out. Once you're out the range, you're on your own.

Audio File Needed.

Blast From the Past?

What in the hell? I know I'm not exactly a seasoned vet quite yet, but I've planted enough T-energy posts to know that a blast akin to 50 lbs. of TNT isn't normal. I don't know what caused that, but I'm off to go investigate.

===Mayday===Things have, well, gotten a lot more complicated. I've found some kind of abandoned colony base and a hell of a lot of recordings I don't understand. Seems like something happened here, the akrid over powered them and they were abandoned by, someone, NEVEC? I'm not sure...

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