Slot Machine LP2

( PS3 ) Slot machine

Lost Planet 2 has a single currency, credits, which are gained through obtaining [?] boxes, whether through Bosses such as the Overland Battleship, Category G Akrid, and random drops from smaller hostile NPCs such as Soldiers, and Akrid of various sizes.   Credits are spent at the Slot Machine to get additional weaponry, abilities, Character parts, Noms de Guere, and Emotes, all of which are radomly acquired through the 2,000 and 10,000 credit slot machines.

Many players have learned to " farm " the [?] boxes in the campaign by simplying replaying 5-3 several times, some netting upwards of over 100,000 credits if lucky enough. Many choose to do this simple task many times over, gaining in a matter of hours several hundreds of thousands of credits, allowing many, if not all weapons, abilities, character parts, Nomes de Guere, and emotes to be accessed freely given enough time.

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