Dabulas are aquatic Akrid that resemble sea snakes which attack by biting foes. Two of them are encountered during Episode 4, Zone 2, Area 1, after crossing the second door and killing the four Thermal Energy- sucking Jellons.

Their spines are their weak spots along with a large deposit of thermal energy on their tail, but making contact with the spikes on their tails will do damage. Staying at a distance is key to defeating the Dabulas. Due to their massive size, not even Vital Suits are safe from them, since the creature's massive jaws are powerful enough to destroy a VS in only a few hits. They also seem to have a suction ability in order to destroy their prey more easily.


After crossing the second door, the two Dabulas can be seen when standing close enough to the cliff leading to the next door. They can never reach the player if he/she stays on the cliff, but the Dabulas can still inflict damage to him/her if he is too close to the cliff. From there, just shooting them with weapons with decent range is sufficient to deal with them without taking unnecessary risks. Usage of VS Weapons is also reccomended (Triseed is also a worthy option if the player can keep his/her distance).

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