A Defolma fighting on land.

The Defolma is an octopus-like Akrid which appears in sewer levels of the game. It can also appear in underwater areas of the game, utilizing a new array of underwater attacks.

It will often use one tentacle as a shield and another as a weapon. It will use its tentacles to stun you; you are able to dodge this, but due to the narrow fighting area it is sometimes tricky. The Defolma can instantly kill soldiers by devouring them in seconds. Other players can save them by firing at the Defolma's mouth, causing the defolma to throw the captive teammate away.


  • Tossing a grenade overhead and then shooting the grenade in midair will critically injure it.
  • To kill it when it's in water, shoot its "feet", and it will show its face. That's the time to shoot or use a grenade.
  • Another easy way to dispatch the Defolma is to have multiple players equip a flamethrower and scorch it. The Defolma appears to shirk from the fire, resulting in an easy kill. Just don't set yourselves on fire.
  • Like all Cat M Akrid, the shotgun SP deals devastating damage. A good way to achieve this is to leap to the sides of it and fire at its fleshy weakspot. A very risky move which has been proven effective at times, but deadly is to anchor to its stinger and fire straight down its mouth, then leaping off to avoid its attack.

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