The Disk Grenade emits a flashing yellow light before detonating. Unlike other grenades, when thrown, it spins like a frisbee and flies in a straight line, making it well suited for long range combat. It will not stick to a wall, it will stop and bounce a short distance before hitting the ground, but it will stick to humans, VS, data posts, and destructible objects. The grenade has a fuse time of about 5 seconds after leaving your hand. The disk grenade has by far the longest range out of all grenades.


Disc Grenade

Same as LP1, except that color is now orange. Also renamed Disc Grenade.

Color - Orange

Disc Grenade II

The Disc Grenade II performs the same actions as the standard Disc grenade with a bigger blast radius. It also uses the standard Grenade throwing action (overhead throw), and travels significantly slower than the regular Disk Grenade; so it can be thrown more rapidly and stuns you for less time. The Grenade has a fuse time of about 10 seconds after leaving your hand, a very long time. Because it moves so slowly, and has a shorter throwing animation, it is very well suited to throwing near a target and shooting it when it's in proximity, especially at short range; do not expect to hit players directly with it though.

Color - Green

Disc Grenade III

The Disc Grenade III performs the same actions as the standard Disc grenade and creates the largest blast radius. It will also unable to be detonated by shooting it.

Color - Blue


  • Can be very effective against moving targets, since they stick to enemies. If throw correctly, are very effective at destroying a VS, or an Akrid if thrown at the weak points. Be careful if is a charging enemy, such as a Laser Lance VS, as the disc takes a few seconds to explode, if the enemy charges the attacker, they can easily damage or kill the attacker at close range.

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