A Dongo

Dongo are medium-sized Akrid with the ability to curl up and roll at high speeds. Resembling large lobsters, they are covered in thick armor and have six powerful legs that they use to dig through ice, snow, and dirt. A Thermal Energy deposit in their tail is their primary weak spot.

A Dongo from Lost Planet 3

In Episode 6 Chapter 3 of Lost Planet 2, there is an area which features Giant-sized Dongos, not Godons.


  • When fighting a Dongo, listen for your cue to dodge: when it's about to attack, you will hear a screech before it tries to run you over. Either use an explosive or a close range shotgun blast to knock it off balance before continuing the fight.
  • Another way to tell when it is about to roll is when its back goes slightly downwards.
  • Remember that it is not a priority to aim for its Thermal Energy spot, you can still do damage by shooting at the front, but it doesn't quite do as much damage.
  • An easy tactic for killing a Dongo is to use your anchor, latch on to their thermal energy spot and fire your machine gun into their tail. As long as you hold on with your anchor, you can unload a whole magazine into its weak spot and even kill the Dongo outright on easy. However this will leave you open to attack from other enemies. (Strangely the Dongo will make no attempt to shake you off, and if another Dongo rolls at you, it could also damage to the Dongo you're anchored on)
  • To get an opening on their tail, crouch directly in their path and roll to the side when it rolls towards at you. Then you can run to the tail and use the anchor technique.
  • If your team is in a hurry, use any gun sword on its weakspot to finish it off in seconds. Striking at its head continuously will also keep it from rolling.
  • Note, Dongos in LP3 roll faster and over longer distances, plus they can turn, but they claw at the ground similar to a bull.

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