The Dongo Gear is a Dongo which has been subjugated by NEVEC and modified with a grafted VS chassis and weapons. It is capable of performing the Dongo's signature rolling attack, as well as its melee strikes at close range. It still has a weak point on its tail, but the weak point is now covered by a layer of armor that must be destroyed before the Dongo takes any damage.

The Dongo Gear appears in several places in the LP2 campaign, but is so far only available to pilot on the Thunderpeal Precipice map in layouts 3 and 4, as well as Desecration and Frozen Wasteland (unconfirmed).

Side Notes and Tips

The Dongo Gear's melee and Rolling attacks are 3.5 times faster, compared to the regular Dongo.

It should also be noted to avoid fighting any Dongo Gears in the water at Thunderpeal Precipice Campaign, as the water can impair your vision and Dongo Gears can see in water, making dangerous foes in water.

Vital Suits
Playable (LP 1)
GTT-01 - GTF-11 - GTB-22 - GTF-13M - GTF-13F - GTN-A01 - PTX-140 - PTX-40A - L-P-9999 - GAB-25M - GAN-34 - GAN-37
Playable (LP 2)
Battle Armor - GAH-42BS - GAN-3AM - GAH-41BSL - GAN-36 - GAF-14 - GAF-15D - GAN-34W - PTX-140R - GTN-A01N - Dongo Gear - Battle Neegal - Tencale 8 - Railway Gun - Turret Gun - Overland Battleship
GAN-A04SD - GTN-A03M/C - GAB-25DM - PTX-40A-2 - DBS-000XM - Vital Fortress