Dr. Bonnie Roman

Dr. Bonnie Roman

Dr. Bonnie Roman is a NEVEC Scientist in Lost Planet 3


Roman is a member of the Coronis base on E.D.N. III assigned to monitoring the weather conditions of the planet.

She quickly makes friends with Jim Peyton and soon "employs" him during his mining outings to do research for her.


Roman meets an off-screen death to the barrel end of a NEVEC trooper. She is found dead by Jim Peyton near her outer base as he was coming to warn her of danger. The trooper most likely responsible for her death strolls out from behind one of the buildings and is shot in rage by Peyton.


  • Somewhat of a recluse living on her own far from the Coronis base
  • Seems to be "picked" on by the rest of the base for her status as a female scientist
  • Nicknamed the "Weathergirl" by the base.

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