Dr. Kendrick Kovac

Dr. Kendrick Kovac

Dr. Kendrick Kovac is a T-ENG Researcher in Lost Planet 3, But little is known of him at this time. From the trailer he is first seen on a ship with Jim Peyton heading to E.D.N. III. The ship crashes but both are saved by Renard LaRoche.


Dr. Kovac is the "lead" scientist of the Coronis facility, sent by NEVEC to find out a way to "mine" E.D.N. III of its T-Energy as well as to find a way to either produce T-Energy or refine it to a pure form to ship to Earth as a power source. His tests drive him to create a machine capable of subduing (and potentially controlling) the Akrid that almost end up destroying the Coronis mining base in the process. The base is swarmed by various types of Akrid until Jim Peyton destroys the machine in the deep parts of Kovac's lab.

His "test" complete, he notes that there might have been a few issues with it that he plans to readjust. It is later requisitioned by the newly-arrived NEVEC forces and used in the last act by Caleb Isenberg to try to control Nushi from inside. He is last seen wounded and beaten and informs Peyton of Isenberg's plans.

After the events of lost planet 3, it is unknown if he succumbed to his wounds or survived. He is no longer seen in the game after he infroms Jim of Isenberg's plan.

Character Traits

  • Has a cold, calculated and detached speech pattern with a fascination of the Akrid biology.
  • Seems to have a low esteem of human life as he often sends off Peyton on suicide runs with the Akrid for DNA and is also surprised to see him back alive. He however rewards Peyton with specialist ammunition schematics for each DNA research that can be obtained with the Quartermaster.
  • Somewhat cowardly and inept in light of "out-of-lab" situations.

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