Dual Complex


Based on Episode 4, Chapter 4, Area 2.

After failing to catch the VF, Camelot's team reaches the Dual Complex in order to infiltrate the Underwater Research Facility.

In order to do this, they must first lower the Bascule Bridge.


Is located near the south pole of E.D.N. III. The presence of standing ruined building shows that global warming of the planet flooded what was apparently a vast city (with a Long Range weapons, some land and other buildings can be seen at the South East).

The Bascule Bridge isn't apparently meant for ship passing since 2 buildings prevents boats to pass, so it is only to control the supplies going into the underwater base (although another elevator is present on Container Yard Area 01) or to monitor people going near the tower.

During the Campaign, it isn't necessary to use air VS in order to reach the other side of the Bascule Bridge since a submarine is located underneath the Container Yard Area 08. It is here provably only for gameplay reasons, just in case the player loses all of the available air VS and doesn't want to restart the game.

General Layout

Container Yard Area 00 (South)

Underwater starting point in the Campaign. Probably a docking point for submarines.

Container Yard Area 01 (South)

Has what seems to be an elevator shaft.

Container Yard Area 02

A bridge that connects to 02, 03 and 04.

Container Yard Area 03

East side of the Bascule Bridge, center of the map. Has an underwater platform with equipment, VS or Data Post.

Container Yard Area 04

Center of the map, upper platform over 03.

Container Yard Area 05 (East)

Lower platform.

Container Yard Area 06 (East)

Upper platform, features a crane. Strangely enough, there is no visible control post on the crane, and it seems that the crane is connected to a pole that leads underwater.

Container Yard Area 07

Set of bridges that connect the upper platforms 04 and 06.

Container Yard Area 08

West side of the Bascule Bridge.

Container Yard Area 09 (North-West)

Features the tower, and the elevator shaft that leads to the underwater research facility.

Ending point in the Campaign, starting point in multiplayer.

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