GTF-11 Codename Drio

A GTF-11 with the Dual Shoulder Multi-Warhead Missile

Better known as the Mortar Launcher, it fires a swarm of sixteen missiles in a long range arc; the missiles then break up into multiple smaller missiles in midair just before landing, carpet-bombing the area they land on and dealing heavy damage to all targets they hit. Like other super weapons, it takes up both weapon slots and cannot be removed. It can be used up to 4 times and is ideal for suppressing opponents and attacking larger targets. One of these can be found mounted on a GTT-01 in Episode 4, Mission 3 (the second area, under a cliff in the same section the Cakti appears, just before the second Tencale 8 fight). It also appears mounted on the Granseed unit of the Brocakti Boss fight in Episode 6-2. It can also be found in the multiplayer map Desecration on Game Type: Elimination with Layout 4, hidden in a VS storage crate which opens once 15,000 units of T-ENG have been provided.

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