Relevance in the lost planet series

In Lost Planet 1 Earth is briefly mentioned in the intro when the narrator is talking about the first Colonization of E.D.N. III.

"Humankind had abandoned the comfort of a familiar world in order to attempt life on E.D.N. III." - lost planet 1 intro

In Lost Planet 2 Earth is not mentioned at all and instead the game focuses on the survival of E.D.N. III.

Lost Planet 3 is the only game where Earth has the most significance as the reason why the Coronis was sent to E.D.N.III was to extract thermal energy to combat the energy Crisis that was happening on Earth. The terrorist organization called the Crimson Unity attempted to take what energy was left on earth for themselves but ended up leaving to go to E.D.N. III where energy was abundant.


It is unknown what came of earth after lost planet 3 as the large signal dish was destroyed which cut all contact from the outside universe so therefore earth had no way of knowing what happened and also received no thermal energy.

There are possibly 3 outcomes:

  1. Without energy to sustain technology and basic needs, war broke out between countries. Desperately taking out their enemies and to use what little energy they had for themselves.
  2. Without energy to sustain technology and basic needs, like crimson unity, other countries and/or organizations left earth to find another planet to inhabit while leaving the countries on earth who didn't leave to fend for themselves.
  3. the final outcome is that they found another energy source and found a way to sustain their lives without thermal energy.

There is no true explanations for what happened to earth so everything in this section is just pure speculation.

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