Enbee are a wasp like Akrid that have been introduced in Lost Planet 3.


This small akrid is capable of flapping its wings at high speed, to increase its movement speed for surprise attacks from above. They seem to use friction in their wings to charge up electrical arcs with which they attack. The Enbee can shoot a sliver of current at its target from a distance but will always stop its movement to do so.

The Enbee usually appear in large swarms from specific cracks in caves or from birthing chambers. A very large swarm is fought by Jim Peyton on Shackleton's Peak while researching the giant storm that gathers near the Sat Station. The swarm also seems highly charged with current and has a different glow scheme compared to its other similar counterparts. The orange parts are a much darker red scheme.


  • Enbees bare an uncanny resemblance to Lost Planet 1 & 2's Raibee, perhaps they are the primative version of Raibee.


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