Good luck, Task Force First Descent.

VF Commander

Date: NV1121/A.T. 11/04:00
Location: Point n35c/Central City Administrative District Outskirts
Conditions: Rain
Temperature: 18C
Humidity: 66%

AI partners :

1: DoDoDo Rao
2: Greenfield

Chapter 1


Area 1

Task Force First Descent infiltrates Central City. They must dodge searchlights and Mountain Pirates.

Area 2

Task Force First Descent infiltrates deeper within Central City. They need to destroy the security posts and muscle through Carpetbaggers.

Area 3

As the city burns around them, Task Force First Descent makes its way through the slums.

Area 4

Task Force First Descent arrives at a railway outpost and must take control of a train in order to reach their target.

Chapter 2


Area 1

Task Force First Descent switches gear, and continue their mission through the factory. The team has to push through conveyor belts, machinery and Mountain Pirates.

Area 2

After confirming the presence of the Railway Gun, Task Force First Descent continues their mission through the residential buildings and angry Carpetbaggers.

Area 3

Task Force First Descent must fight through strong opposition before reaching the Railway Gun. They must pass through entrenched Carpetbaggers and VSs while dodging falling debris and a hoard of heavily armed and armored enemies.

Chapter 3

Task Force First Descent finally reaches the Railway Gun, but the Akrid X appears, causing the Carpetbaggers to flee after shooting a Wrath shell down its throat.

Task Force First Descent is unable to catch the Railway Gun, but they must find a way to deal with the regenerating Category G Akrid to survive.

After defeating Akrid X, the remaining Carpetbaggers are forced to surrender as a NEVEC officer arrives with new intel about the mysterious Over-G. Despite their doubts, Task Force First Descent has no choice but to accept their next mission.

As Task Force First Descent leaves, a NEVEC soldier asks the officer why Task Force First Descent is constantly assigned suicide missions. The officer responds by telling the soldier that they are clones based on Ivan's DNA; ever since Ivan betrayed NEVEC, the clones have been sent on one suicide mission after the next to ensure they do not get the chance to betray NEVEC as well.

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