Yeah...a long-ass time.


Date: OT1018/A.T. 12/12:18
Location: Point w637/West Desert
Conditions: Fair
Temperature: 23C
Humidity: 20%

AI partners:

2: Deer Spring
3: Yana chang
4: McMcQ

Chapter 1

A train runs through the desert, carrying the Waysiders. ZVATTO ponders their situation as Waysider Leader orders him to check his men's condition. Deer Spring complains to ZVATTO about the rattling, but he tells him to bear it.

At that exact time, the Red Eye attacks the train, forcing the Waysiders to loading their remaining Thermal Energy to the two GAN-36s but telling them they need to buy some time until the T-ENG has been completely loaded.

They manage to keep the Red Eye at bay long enough to charge their GAN-36 VSs with their remaining Thermal Energy, but their transport will take time start their engines. ZVATTO suggest to disconnect the wagon to win some time, but the wagon wasn't able to disconnecting and ZVATTO, Deer Spring, Yana Chang and McMcQ has been trying to disconnect the wagon by shooting at it until ZVATTO's VS Shotgun eventually run out of ammo but ZVATTO managed to disconnect the rear wagon by throwing his VS Shotgun to connected wagon.

The disconnected wagon was able to slow down the Red Eye, to get enough altitude to be out of reach of the Red Eye, and it finally devours what is left of the train.

Chapter 2

After hours of flying around aimlessly, the Waysiders' GAN-36 finds some abandoned village and attempts to land and refuel, but rocket fire forces them to land roughly. A Sandraider sniper then shoots one of the Waysiders.

The Waysiders manage to defend themselves against the Sandraiders, but then must face the Debouse pair to escape the village.

After defeating them, they lower the bridge and use the nearby train.

Chapter 3

The Waysiders then confronts the Carpetbaggers and the Railway Gun that escaped in Episode 2.

The Waysiders are forced to leave their train and must take control of the other one. After succeeding, the Red Eye appears again, so they have to maneuver the Railway Gun in order to defeat it.

After killing Red-Eye, the Waysiders discover that their home has been destroyed by the Over-G's activity. With nothing left to lose and their Railway Gun armed and ready, the Waysiders prepare to fight the Over-G.

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