Are we actually going to go head-to-head with them ?

Ex-NEVEC Adjutant

Date:OT1019/A.T. 12/17:50
Location: Point xxxx/Skies Above Over G Akrid Field
Conditions: Fair
Temperature: 6C
Humidity: 4%

AI partners :

1: Yukigunisodachi
2: zz Mike13 zz
3: DevDev Booday
4: TraumaSwitch

NOTE: The name of the AI partners are not the name of the Ex-NEVEC playable characters, since they don't coincide in Episode 6, and also because their codenames are revealed in the Chapter 3 of Episode 6.

Which are :

1: Camelot
2: Lancelot
3: Tristan
4: Perceval

Chapter 1

Area 1

Captured Team

Camelot and Tristan are locked in a basement guarded by Carpetbaggers loyal to NEVEC. A Carpetbagger separatist hands them a Handgun and tells them help is on the way. However, another Carpetbagger notices something suspicious about the guard. The guard kills the Carpetbagger and takes a few shots, but manages to unlock the cell where Camelot and Tristan are detained before dying.

Rescue Team

The rescue team crash-lands where Camelot and Tristan are detained.


Once the team is reformed, they have to escape.

Area 2

Camelot's team must cross through an Akrid infested sewer.

Area 3

Camelot's team reaches the entrance of the naval yard.

Chapter 2

Area 1

Camelot's team must activate data posts in the Overland Battleship's construction site in order to locate the entrance of the New NEVEC submarine base.

Area 2

Camelot's team steals a submarine in order to reach the rest of the Ex-NEVEC forces.

Chapter 3

Area 1

The Ex-NEVEC capture a New NEVEC base and must hold it against counter-capture forces.

Area 2

Camelot's team fight through a shore line guarded by Bug Ranchers and Hunters in order to infiltrate the VF dockyard.

Chapter 4

Area 1

Camelot's team pursues the VF and fight through both VSs and Akrid, but their target eventually escapes their reach. The Ex-NEVEC Adjutant sends 2 GAN-3AM to help them pursue the VF to a NEVEC complex in the northern seas.

Area 2

Camelot's team reaches the NEVEC complex and must find the entrance to the underwater ocean lab.

Chapter 5

Area 1

Camelot's team must fight their way through the facility's research labs until they can find a way onto the shuttle.

Area 2

Camelot's team fights underwater and must destroy the VF in order to continue.

After succeeding, they notice a New NEVEC trooper loading containers into the shuttle. Camelot's team hides in one of the containers to infiltrate the shuttle.

The shuttle then sets off to NEOS as the Ex-NEVEC Commander hopes for the best for Camelot's team.

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