It's big! Very big!

—The Vagabundos

Date: NV1107/A.T. 12/10:40
Location: Point e363/Gold Desert
Conditions: Fair
Temperature: 24C
Humidity: 23%

AI partners :

2: Auaer Auraer
3: Fussan

Chapter 1

Area 1

The Vagabundos infiltrate the Overland Battleship and opens the rear panel, so that the other Vagabundos can enter the vessel.

Area 2

The Vagabundos battle with the remaining New-NEVEC troopers in order to take fully control of the battleship.

Chapter 2

Area 1

The Vagabundos have to fight back a New-NEVEC recapture team.

Area 2

The Vagabundos use the energy cannon of the battleship in order to fight the Baiztencale.

After defeating it, they have detach a part of the vessel in order to dispose of its corpse.

Chapter 3

The Vagabundos battle another Overland Battleship. Although they are unable to capture it before New NEVEC activates its self-destruct mechanism, they learn that the veins of T-ENG that the Overland Battleship uses to navigate are getting larger. As they receive a message from the Ex-NEVEC commander, the Vagabundos see the Over-G on the horizon. Their leader decides to help the Ex-NEVEC fight the Over-G, figuring that it might get them something good in the long run.

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