Central Tower of the Frozen Wasteland

Tall Tower of the Frozen Wasteland

This square shaped map has data posts in most corners of the map, as well as each team respawn zone. Other data posts can be found around the most distinguishable feature on the map, the Soaring Tower, or in its foundations, which can be entered through ventilation ducts scattered around the Tower's base. Activating data posts in Frozen Wasteland grants considerable amounts of Thermal Energy (around 4000 units). Sometimes, mist will fall on this map, hindering any snipers but not necessarily the wielder of the Homing Laser.

It is impossible to fall off the cliff on this map.


Soaring Tower

It is the highest point in the map and offers players a superb line of sight no matter where the opposition lies. However, the greatest attribute is also the greatest weakness, as the towers peak offers little, if no protection from enemy attacks. To temporary solve this, players should scale down the structure to a lower point.

The Homing Laser is located at the top of the Tower.

Barren Planes

As the name suggests, the planes are simply a field of snow, tagged with derelict motorways that swerve overhead. Though dilapidated, these roads offer great quick routes to almost every corner of the map. However, the roads leave you easy to distinguish from the structures. If the player thinks the better route is by going 4 x 4 through the planes, then so be it. NOTE that this method of travel is very expected and enemy players can align themselves on the motorway, giving them a bullseye view of the player.


  • This map, along with Canyon 810, are the only maps to allow the player to play as a Gorechryatis during the Akrid Hunter gametype.
  • This map was remade for Lost Planet 2 and released as part of Map Pack 2.

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