The GAF-14 Fastrey is a one person hover pad that first appears in the second part of Episode 4-2. It allows the player to hover over solid ground, or to fly in Episode 6-2. The Fastrey has no weapons of its own, but allows the pilot to use their own weapons and grenades. It is able to travel through warp fields and turn invisible just as the pilot does when using a V Device SP. It features a variable frame, switching between a stable "standing" position (stable but very slow) and a "jet bike" position that allows a booster function, similar to the Evax. Its armor is light enough for it to be destroyed by small-arms fire, leaving it reliant on its speed and agility to avoid damage. Fortunately, if a GAF-14 is destroyed, its rider will automatically eject and the Battle Gauge will not deplete.

The GAF-14 will automatically be in standing mode when you first get on and when ever you stop moving for 2 seconds. Moving the left anolog stick in any direction ( both PS3 and Xbox360 versions) for 2 seconds will bring the VS into Jet mode. While in jet mode if you click the left anolog stick while moving it in a direction you will go into high-speed mode. Weapons can be used in standing and jet mode, but not in high speed mode. ( Clicking the left anolog stick and rapidly switching from jet to high-speed mode dose NOT give you a boost or help you to move faster. The camra angle simply automatically moves a bit farther from the player when in high-speed mode.)

One odd thing about the GAF-14 is that it is considered a VS, but you must hold down the Y/(triangle) button order to activate (like when picking up a weapon/grenade). All other VS require you hold down the B/(circle) button and then the X/(square) button (if it has a stand-by mode) to activate.

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