The GAF-15D Drion is a multi-seat VS capable of carrying 3 users (1 pilot, 2 gunners). The pilot can only use a fixed vulcan and a shotgun, but the gunners have the choice between the mounted VS weapon and their own autocannon. Each seat has its own health bar, making it possible for the side pods to be destroyed without bringing down the entire unit. It also possesses a hardened system that nullifies the effects of Plasma Grenades, knockback from explosives, and fire damage over time.


  • Previously named "GAF-14" in the demo.
  • Judging from its name and shape, it may be a modified GTF-11.
  • Unlike the GTF-11 Drio, it cannot perform a dash and has no passenger rails, though it can still jump and hover.
  • This VS has a unique voice, being the deepest voices of all VSs.
  • The Drion is very effective during the Akrid X battle. As 3 players can take seat in the Drion and stay in the place where it's parked and shoot all they got at it. Beware, if you play with 4 players the forth player must hide behind the Drion.

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