The GAH-42BS Bleed is a small VS with only one weapon mount, but can throw grenades and has impressive melee power, thank to four spikes on each "hands".


The Bleed is small and agile, but lacks the armor necessary to make it capable of absorbing the punishment doled out during an assault, and its open-cage frame leaves the pilot horribly exposed from most angles. Almost any VS-class weapon can be attached to its single mount, and its quick reaction hydraulic system enables the pilot to launch melee attacks (L3+RT/LT) as well as throw grenades (LT).

The Bleed can jump up to ten meters into the air and hover using its simple but highly effective rocket boosters. This allows it to clear small obstacles or traverse otherwise impassable terrain, and forward momentum attained while on the ground is then transferred into the short flying time.

Even when it is out of ammunition, enemies within the immediate vicinity are at risk of receiving surprisingly powerful melee attacks (when out of ammunition, the Bleed will instead attack with a right punch as opposed to the command left punch with the shield). If such an attack makes contact, the damage to unarmored human or Akrid targets can be staggering, and equipping the Laser Lance or the Pile Bunker makes these attacks even more lethal. Equipping the Laser Lance enables a multi-slash combo, but the Pile Bunker enables a lunging charge attack, making the Bleed a formidable opponent on both sides.

Add to this its ability to throw the user's supply of available grenades, and it becomes a virtual one-machine army, particularly in close quarters.

Vital Suits
Playable (LP 1)
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