The GAN-37 is the NEVEC version of the GTB-22. It is functionally identical, being able to perform both double jump, super jump, slam attack and launch smoke. The primary difference is visual, with the NEVEC hard geometry and high tech appearance.

In Lost Planet 2, it can now turn invisible like the GAN-34 and transform into an aircraft form. In aircraft form, it is slower than the Triseed or the Osprey and handles more similarly to the Evax in Snowbike mode (i.e. it cannot move laterally, so dodging is harder and firing in a direction different than the one the VS is facing is impossible). However, it only appears in multiplayer. Unlike the GTB-22, it has no radar function and does not allow riders. As is the case with the GAN-34, it also has slightly less armor than the VS it was based on.

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