The GTB-22 Faze is a highly mobile two-legged VS. Possessing both a good running speed and superior jumping ability. The cockpit sports a unique device that lets the legs turn independently from the upper half of the vital suit. This allows for smoother turning and change in direction. The suit can deploy its jets during a jump but, instead of hovering, the jets propel the VS even higher in a double jump. The GTB-22 also has a super jump ability. After a second of charge time, the VS will make a tremendous vertical leap, surpassing even its double jump. Reverse rockets can be fired during this jump which will send the VS back to the ground damaging anything it lands on. In addition, the VS is equipped with a smoke screen launcher.

It is first seen on Mission 02 as the boss of the Crimson Unity base. The first time it can be used is Mission 04.

In Lost Planet 2, it gains a radar function that works similarly to activating a data post. It also has passenger rails on its sides for two allies. It only appears in multiplayer.


In multiplayer, enemies might grab on to the passenger rails. A super jump slam can kill these unwanted passengers while they're still attached.

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