The GTF-11 Drio was the second Vital Suit developed, surpassing the GTT-01 Nida. The addition of powerful jets allow the VS to dash and hover in the air for a few seconds. It is almost identical in appearance to the Nida except for the added face plate and jets. However, its function and usefulness is vastly superior to the GTT-01. It is also extremely good at blocking bullets that eject the pilot. If a player looks closely at the axles to which the legs are attached, there are extra pieces of armor around the axles, a feature that the Nida lacks.

In Lost Planet 2, it can activate Data Posts and repair itself without requiring the pilot to leave the suit, while also letting two other soldiers hold onto its sides. It can also fire the autocannons on its sides as a backup weapon.

Basil , a female snow pirate, pilots an upgraded GTF-11 with a custom pink paintjob and black markings called the GTF-11i "Firecracker". She is the boss in Mission 03. Where the standard model has only two weapon mounts, Basil's has 4: the third and fourth being on each leg. Her VS is equipped with a Gatling Gun, two Missile Launchers and a unique laser that isn't found anywhere else in the game. Her VS can also walk faster, can use thrusters like the hard baller and features the smoke screen ability like the GTB-22 Faze as well as a full cover armor plate that protects the pilot from above and from the front of the VS like the Granseed. Like all Vital suits, the backup weapons can be used by (on default) holding down the movement stick while firing.

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