Among the weakest vital suits in the game, the GTF-13M Evax is arguably the fastest. In order to be light enough for fast travel the GTF-13M carries only one weapon. It has a weak jumping ability and is unable to walk fast. However these weaknesses are remedied through a transformation that changes Evax into a fast bike. This mode uses an energy thruster and is quite efficient with thermal energy use when traveling distances.

GTF-13M Bike Mode

GTF-13M in Bike Mode


  • It is most useful to travel in large maps to activate data posts, like the Frozen Wasteland map or the Canyon 810.
  • In LP2 the Evax's only appearance in the campaign is in the first section of Episode 3-3 under enemy control and attempts to get behind the players.
  • One of the only differences between the Evax and the Venesa is the Evax has more armour on the legs and places for your feet.
  • In LP2, (Episode 3-3) another Evax can be seen carried by a GAN-36 while in bike mode. However, this Evax doesn't do anything aside from being there; it is likely to be only decoration or background for the game. (Similar to the GAN-36 carrying a turret found behind the player at the very start of Episode 5-1)

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