The GTN-AO1N is a variant of the GTN-A01 introduced in Lost Planet 2.


As a variant of the turntable VS it is identical in most ways. It varies in the fact that is smaller, less bulky, almost all black with a strange weapons system. This strange armament is the main difference as, instead of the normal hard mounted or removable weapons, the GTN-A01N's weapons are an actual part of the VS. The weapons in question are two Guns placed where normally the weapon mounts are. They fire alternately, no matter which button you press, and shoot a medium-small, shell-like projectile at a medium-high speed and frequency. The power of the projectile is relatively strong, taking about three shots to kill a NEVEC soldier (tested on Medium difficulty).

The GTN-AO1N is a common VS in Lost Planet 2, with installations found in almost every level/multi-player map in the game. In fact they even appear in a cinematic video on level 2-3. Some notable GTN-AO1N emplacements are on certain layouts of the multiplayer map Thunderpeal Precipice on top of both the Vagabundo controlled Overland Battleship and the NEVEC one.

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