The GTT-01 Nida was the first Vital Suit developed and is the most basic type of them.


The Nida, being very simple, can jump, but cannot hover or dash. It can be mounted with two weapons, but the driver is unprotected in front and it is even possible to shoot the driver out of the VS. The GTT-01 is the first Vital Suit encountered by Wayne after the prelude. The GTT-01 is not very common and has fallen out of use because of the later models such as the GTF-11. The Snow Pirates still make heavy use of it despite its simplicity, as newer models are harder to acquire, like the Vensa.

The Game Manual states that the GTT-01 was first used as a colonising VS and was converted to fight Akrid. If you manage to get your grapple onto the back of its main thermal energy tank and shoot it, you can lower or even destroy it. There seems to be less GTT-01s in the game than most VSs, and it seems that most were either upgraded and overhauled into GTF-11s or they simply fell into disuse and disrepair.

In Lost Planet 2, it has gained a pair of light Autocannons and the ability to activate Data Posts (same speed as 1 player on foot) and be repaired (very slowly) without having to leave the suit. It can also allows two riders to hold on to its sides, giving it the potential for extra firepower.


  • The abandoned hulls of GTT-01s can be seen on many maps.

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