Goonroe Concept Art

Goonroe are a quadrupedal wolf like Akrid that have been introduced in Lost Planet 3.


The Goonroe are a pack based hunter and are rarely seen alone, they have a large set of Mandibles that they use to crush and eat their prey with. Goonroe eat other akrid. This is a behavior displayed only in Lost Planet 3.

Combat Tactics

The Goonroe usually attack by running circles around its prey (displaying its mammal-like evolution) then run off to charge straight at the target from afar and pounce on it or knock it down. They will however sometimes whip their tails around or try to lock down their mandibles onto prey.

When the player is low on life, their attacks will sometimes trigger a quick-time event where Peyton has to stab them with his Hunting Knife to get them off.


  • Goonroe and Suwankaa (a rare and larger Albino specie of Goonroe) are the only Akrid that resemble mammals in Lost Planet, while others are rough amalgamations of arthropod and reptillian characteristics.
  • Apparently in Lost Planet 3, the First Colony people in the Forgotten camp have domesticated and consume these Akrid as their food source.


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