Also called the "Black Hole Generator" or "Singularity Device", this weapon creates a black hole that looks similar to a warp fold created by the Warp Grenade. A dark, swirling vortex appears above the VS using it, sucking in all units the surrounding area, including the VS and its pilot. The effective range of this black hole is relatively small and lasts for only about 15 seconds, but its effects are lethal and instantaneous. It can only be used once and the user has no way to escape from the black hole once it is created, so use it wisely. It takes up both VS weapon slots, and looks like two big black buster grenades. It can be found within a crate in Layout 4 of Thunderpeal Precipice and at the top of Helix (Map Pack 1). It can also be found in a box on NEOS layout type 4 in a hidden area inside the asteroid portion of the map top right side. Like the Dual Shoulder Multi-Warhead Missile or the Big Destruction Missile, any box with this will require 15,000 thermal energy or more. A somewhat effective tactic is to pilot the VS, walk it over nearby enemy spawn points, exit and leave the VS, and stay far away! Certain players will probably think of it as a support weapon and will head over to assist other teamates. This will eventually cause the VS pilot to kill himself and his teamates.

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