An area laid at the peak of a mountain overlooking hundreds of miles of jungle-any player who loses their foot will fall, die and lose essential team points. The map is divided into two areas, the Clifftop and the Mines.

Clifftop battleground

This is the area where all the Vital suits can be found. Turrets and Hover VSs are littered throughout the map and offer players many chances to kill each other. Several waterfalls lie around the hill and offer great hiding spots for snipers.

As every sniper knows- the higher you are the more advantage you have, on the clifftop there are three large obelisks all of which can be climbed and these are the highest point in the game a player can reach. (Note: Any sniper will be wary of these obelisks, and watch for enemy snipers. Expect counter-snipers!)


Much like those of the Ice Drop's, these tunnels go deep into the mountain- twisting and writhing their way up, down, left or right until a player does not know where to go. This area has very little space for a VS or Akrid(during Akrid Hunter), limiting their usefulness. The most effective weapons in the Mines is are the Shotgun or the VS Shotgun.

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