Hiveen is a Category G Akrid that has been introduced in Lost Planet 3.


Not much is known about this Category G class Akrid, but it seems to have formed a symbiotic relationship with the Tarkaa and can summon them from within its body to attack any foreign invaders

The Hiveen is fought in four stages. Once when you're trying to get the back up info from the abandoned base; another when you override the garage doors then a third time on the outside of the outpost and a final time in your Rig. It is unclear if the Hiveen dies at the end of the battle. 

The Hiveen attacks with its claws as well as with its long tongue (either a single slam attack or a sidesweep attack which both can be dodged) during your third confrontation the Hiveen will also do a lunging bite up close and personal but is easily dodged and leaves her bright orange head exposed (deciding to take the hit is ill advised: it is usually a guaranteed instant kill.) The Hiveen will also shoot out (Mini)Tarkaa Eggs which will spawn a single mini Tarkaa that hits just as hard as the normal nuisance Tarkaa, but can easily be dealt with via melee attacks.

The full body of the Hiveen is never really seen.

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