The Ice Drop dead zone is an area void of life. It has freezing temperatures and it's vast plain of snow and ice cover many hectares of land. This zone is perched atop a cliff and players often slip unwillingly down into the chasms this map contains. On occasions the players with be accounted with an aurora . This map seems strait forward enough but underneath the brutal surface lies long solitary networks of underground tunnels known as the Catacombs.



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Players battling atop the plains

This area is perched atop a tall cliff and is fairly large, it is this area that offers a vital suit battleground. Different Vital Suits can be found in different areas of the area though none can be found underground. The Ice drop's appearance is almost sinister looking huge ice spikes and snow drifts coat the area making hiding from the enemy both easy and difficult. The surface offers notorious lines of sight for snipers.
Ice Drop - The surface

This canyon holds but a few of the many entrances to the catacombs



Players at the heart of the Catacombs

These are a complex network of tunnels that make up a labyrinth that weaves about underneath the surface area. Players can easily get into the catacombs by following a random tunnel. These tunnels are located in valleys of the surface. The caves are not big enough to contain Vital suits so players are vulnerable to swift shotgun attacks from the opposition. At the heart of the Catacombs is a large crystalline structure that spirals its way from top to bottom and acts as a sort of elevator between different levels of the tunnels. Often players get frustrated because it is sometimes hard to find an exit from the catacombs.


This map features an aurora.

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