The Injection Gun II operates identically to its sibling, but fires two different shots.

Orange: This shot engages what is called a "T-ENG Lock" that lasts several minutes. This effect does not prevent normal T-ENG consumption or T-ENG use from piloting a VS, but it nullifys T-ENG use for energy weapons like the Energy Gun or VS Laser Rifle, though overheating remains an issue. It also increases the amount of T-ENG you gain, similar to the T-ENG Supply ability. This creates a way to gain unlimited energy by firing T-ENG at your feet while under its effects.
Green: This shot heals the target. A player can be fully healed in 1 shot, while Battle Armor can be repaired in 2-3 shots. Vital Suits can be repaired as well, but the amount of shots required depends on the VS.

The Injection Gun II can use the "Fabulous Force" special fire of the Support Cannon.

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