The L-P-9999 is the evolved form of the PTX-40A, once Wayne uses the attachment given by Yuri. It is only usable in single player, but doesn't rely on T-ENG to operate. Wayne used this VS to confront Isenberg's DBS-000XM. in Colonies edition of LP1 please note that you do have a limited amount of Thermal Energy(9999) and using your flying does drain that supply down as well as using your swords.

Combat Abilities


  • EMF Blade
The EMF Blade is L-P-9999's primary weapon for ranged combat. L-P-9999 can shoot the EMF as Laser EMF in long-range or slashing in close-combat at the enemy. The EMF Blade was taken when Wayne defeat Bandero and retaking his father's VS.
  • Laser Vulcan
Although it wasn't capable against enemy VS, it can use to shoot down the enemy's rocket or missile at ranged combat.


  • Its codename is a tribute to Yuri, since he created the attachment enabling Wayne to use this VS.
  • This is the PTX-40A's All Star Ability in Tatsunoko VS Capcom.
  • Its name maybe a reference to the game since the L-P-9999 has the two first letters of the title of the game ( LP ).
  • The numbers 9999 is also a reference to the maximum amount of T-ENG Wayne can hold a one time.

Vital Suits
Playable (LP 1)
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Playable (LP 2)
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