The Laser Lance is a VS energy-based melee weapon that projects a powerful laser blade when activated. Unlike other directed-energy weapons, the laser does not fire from the weapon in the manner of a projectile, but instead forms into an energy blade several meters long. It is effectively the T-ENG counterpart to the Pile Bunker VS weapon.

Like other energy weapons, it consumes thermal-energy when used. The blade itself is extremely powerful, able to destroy Vital Suits with only a few hits, and typically killing infantry outright.

Depending of its position, this weapon can make the following actions:

  • Being wielded will make an uprising charge that can do multiple hits.
  • If attached on any VS, only can be activated infinitely (until T-Eng runs out) and only makes damage when closer to an enemy.
  • If attached to the GAH-42BS, the Laser Lance can be used in the manner of a sword, dramatically increasing its usefulness and allowing the user to string together three-hit combo attacks. The combo is: left swing-right swing and overhead charge.

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