Name Size Comment
Desecration Medium A nuclear wasteground filled with debris and rubble. The Anchor will be among your best friends as you ambush unsuspecting enemies.
Turbulent Jungle Small Featured in the demo. An abandoned mine overgrown with jungle vegetation. Some of the towers can be scaled, giving snipers a height advantage.
Kraftwerk Small A cooling tower for a nuclear power station set within a large city. This map includes underwater areas.
The Great Outdoors Medium Mission 1-3. The Jungle Pirates' base is ideal for Akrid Egg Battles. Don't forget about the secret passage behind the waterfall. There is a lake in the middle of the map.
Thunderpeal Precipice Large Mission 4-3. This stormy coast is the only place where Akrid/VS hybrids can be piloted. Cannons are among the common weapons here, so be sure not to stay exposed.
Dual Complex Medium Mission 4-4. The floating grid of platforms and conduits that make up the NEVEC sea base. If you get knocked off the platform, remember to swim to the underwater conduits.
NEOS Large Mission 6-1. The NEOS satellite base features low gravity and a large battlefield. Vital Suits capable of hovering will be able to outmaneuver opponents easily, so make sure that you find something solid to land on.
Helix Medium Available as DLC (May 11, 2010). Mission 4-5. The underwater complex where the VF is fought is a complex, vertically oriented map. Jets of water allow players to easily scale the main column.
Friction Small Mission 2-2. Presses, pulverizers, and conveyor belts makes fighting in the factory a difficult task.
Pirate Fortress Small From Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. The Crimson Unity fortress from Mission 02 of the first game. This map is covered in snow, and the grasses could conceal infantry.
Back to the Island Medium Available as DLC (May 11, 2010). From LP:EC. A small chain of post-apocalyptic islands, linked by a few broken bridges.
Cube Small This stadium-themed map changes depending on which mode and type is being played, making it different every time you play.
Dockyard Battle Small Available as DLC (June 1, 2010). Mission 4-2. The half-finished Overland Battleship offers many places for players to hide.
Frozen Wasteland Large Available as DLC (June 1, 2010). From LP:EC. A sprawling snowfield interspersed with a few buildings. Vital Suits that can move quickly will prove useful, but watch for enemies from the central tower.

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