In multiplayer, players start with a fixed weapons (Machine Gun by default) and with a random set of grenades at each spawn.

Winners are awarded with medals used to gain achievements as well getting higher in leaderboards. It works the same for points. Points also upgrades player levels enabling them to unlock new playable characters and outfits. All players are awarded at least 100 points for participating in a game, unless they leave the game before it ends.

Multiplayer also allows players to tamper their voices.

Games can host up to 16 players and needs at least 2 players to start.

It is impossible to leave a game unless: connection drops down: eject the disk: passing to the Xbox Dashboard: "Quit game" to Playstaion Main menu : switch off the console.

Multiplayer Modes

Team Elimination
Post Grab

Colonies Edition

Akrid Hunter

Multiplayer Maps

Pirate Fortress
Dark Town
Crimson River
Training Facility
Canyon 810
Lost Coast
Frozen Wasteland
Hive Complex
Trial Point
Radar Field
Island 902
Ice Drop
Lost Technology

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