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Akrid X
The Akrid X is a mysterious Category G Akrid encountered in Lost Planet 2 that resembles a huge, grotesquely mutated Chryatis. It is one of the toughest Akrid in Lost Planet 2. First sighted by the NEVEC space station NEOS in orbit around E.D.N. III, the Akrid appeared to have descended through all layers of the planet, ultimately concluding that Akrid X came from off-world. More...

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Lost Planet 3 - Gameplay Walkthrough

Lost Planet 3 - Gameplay Walkthrough

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We are looking for decent scans of the Lost Planet Artbook. It contains important information like life on E.D.N. III before the events of Lost Planet, and interesting stuff.

Editors are needed in the:

Any other useful contribution are welcomed.

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