Mercenary Captain ep 1

Mercenary B -Playable character

A band of Snow Pirate mercenaries that are attempting to adjust to E.D.N. III and its new climate. They are seen in Prologue-A, Prologue-B, and also in the introduction cutscene where two Mercenaries attempt to take on three NEVEC troopers, one already wounded prior to the battle, before a Chryatis appears. While the two remaining NEVEC troopers flee in a VS, the two Mercenaries battle the Chryatis, with only one surviving. They are sent to destroy a Jungle Pirate mine in Episode 1, where they are the playable faction and fight through heavy Akrid and Jungle Pirate resistance. After they escape the collapsing mine they fight through Akrid, including the Chryatis Queen, (and more Jungle Pirates if a certain route is taken) and attempt to regain contact with their central command via data posts. Having reestablished contact and gaining intel on the Jungle Pirates' forces they are given orders to completely wipe out the Jungle Pirates and then are ordered to fall back to the "rendezvous point" which turns out to be the Gordiant's nest. After defeating the Gordiant the survivors are finally picked up and ask why it took so long to be picked up only to discover that the whole operation was a complete set-up and that everyone, except the survivors were killed. Causing them to wonder who would have set such a trap for them.

The player characters are then seen again, having saved Camelot of the Ex-NEVEC team from falling to his death, flying into the sunset over a sea of thermal energy with the mysterious new Unidentified Flying Akrid resembling either a moth or a butterfly, or the over-gs final form that actually survived, flying by without attacking them.

The fact that they show up in the LP2 demo to fight the Gordiant has led some fans to name them the heroes

of LP2, even though they are only playable in the very beginning unless the player beats Lost Planet 2 for the first time, allowing them to play as their custom (previously online-only) character in any of the missions.

Known Mercenaries

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